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Project Highlights

  1. ChildFund and Nokero have joined forces to allow children to study, read and play in a healthy and safe environment.
  2. This project will sustainably deliver nontoxic lights to children living without electricity in Klay Town, Liberia.

Illuminate a Child's Mind — Give a Solar Light

The Global Light to Learn Challenge — Making a brighter and healthier environment for children to learn.

Liberia-MapProgram Goal:  To sustainably deliver non-toxic solar light to children living without electricity in Klay Town, Liberia. ChildFund and Nokero (short for No Kerosene), a developer of safe and environmentally friendly solar products, have joined forces to bring solar lights home at night — allowing children to study, read and play in a healthy and safe environment.

Meet Amelia — a 12-year-old girl living in Klay Town without any access to electricity. She is a smart girl who wants a brighter future out of poverty, but every night the sun sets on her eagerness to learn.

Unfortunately, her story is not uncommon. Amelia is like many children around the world who face tremendous obstacles to learn, as if homework wasn’t hard enough already. Many have no choice but to finish their schoolwork by the light of a kerosene flame, breathing in smoke and toxic fumes. Others, whose families are unable to afford the cost of kerosene and other fuels, go on nightly pilgrimages to find light. There’s no electricity at home, so they must search for illuminated places. They study under street lights, on curbs and at gas stations, sometimes traveling so far that they must spend the night where the light shines. They seek light to study because they don’t want to fail their exams — they want a better future.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Children have dreams— and we want to help them thrive and reach their full potential. Together, we can help these children like Amelia — making a brighter and healthier environment for them to learn. I like Nokero for my study. It can save us from burning our houses," says Amelia.

Expected Results: These contributions will fund Nokero solar-powered education lights for the children and community of Klay Town, Liberia. This project will allow Nokero lights to glisten in all homes, specifically in their school, Gertrude Yancy Public School - providing them with the security and opportunity all children should have in order to thrive and reach their full potential.

Amelia's letter expressing her gratitude.



Amelia holds up her light to study the map.

Nokero Light

Project Image

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