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Project Highlights

  1. This project allows children to test new ideas, experience friendship, cooperation and teamwork.

Playground Equipment for Parks

Provide children with a fun, recreational outlet promoting physical activity.

Afghanistan-MapProgram Goal:  To build 8 playgrounds to benefit communities in Afghanistan. The community playgrounds will include slides, swings, see-saws and jungle gyms. Each playground will impact approximately 400 children, helping them develop socially and athletically. A typical school in the rural areas of Afghanistan does not have play facilities for the students and children. The play activities of the children are limited to their household premises — depriving them of the opportunity to play and bond with other children. This project allows these children an opportunity for social and intellectual growth and development — enabling them to thrive and lead a healthy and productive life.

Expected Results: The program offers a non-sedentary, fun outlet for children in Afghanistan. Through play, children are able to test new ideas and experience friendship, cooperation and teamwork. Playgrounds promote healthy physical activity, allowing children to develop their social skills and promote self-confidence — thereby increasing their ability to develop into healthy, independent adults.

Playgrounds provide a fun, recreational outlet that promotes healthy development in children.



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