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Project Highlights

  1. A total of 6,000 insecticide-treated nets will be distributed to vulnerable households in 6 communities.

Malaria Prevention for Six Communities in the Mumbwa District of Zambia.

Reduce the incidence of malaria in Nambala, Zambia, through prevention and education.

Zambia-MapProgram Goal:  To reduce the incidence of malaria in 6 communities in the Mumbwa District of Zambia. Vulnerable households headed by grandparents, children and pregnant women will be provided mosquito bed nets.

Malaria is the leading cause of death for young children in Zambia. Zambia's central government lacks the funds to provide insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) to Zambia's communities.

ChildFund Zambia and the Mumbwa Child Development Agency (MCDA), a federation of 6 community associations, will work together to increase the number of bed nets in the Mumbwa District. The distribution strategy targets the community’s most vulnerable members — pregnant women, households headed by children and grandparents and those that are disabled.

40 malaria control agents will be trained, increasing the total number of trained agents to 76. They will receive training on the importance of insecticide-treated mosquito nets, the malaria cycle and the prevention and treatment of the disease. T-shirts with anti-malaria messages will be distributed to the agents, making it easy for community members to quickly identify and access these experts.

Expected Results: Provide 6000 insecticide-treated nets to households with children under 5, expectant women, the disabled and the elderly in the Mumbwa community of Nambala, Zambia. An increase in the number of trained malaria agents from 36 to 76 will also help to provide the community with more experts trained in the prevention and management of malaria. Treated mosquito nets will protect these children and families by reducing malaria infections, thereby providing the community with comfort and a sense of security knowing one of the region's, and even the world's, most deadliest diseases is being prevented — essential in obtaining a healthy, productive and dignified life.

Children receive insecticide-treated
mosquito nets.

Receiving Nets


Control agents help install mosquito
bed nets.

Installing Mosquito Nets


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