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Project Highlights

  1. Gardens provide families with a source of nutrition and livelihood.
  2. This initiative will directly benefit 200 families (750 children and 500 youth) of Ecuador’s Pichincha Province.

Vegetables Gardens for Ecuador Families

Gardens for Fruit and Vegetable Production — gardens provide families with a long-lasting source of nutrition and livelihood.

Ecuador-MapProgram Goal:  Two hundred vulnerable children and families in the Pichincha Province of the northern region of Ecuador will receive vegetable and fruit seedlings and agricultural supplies to grow and improve their own gardens. Gardens for crop production form the foundation of a thriving market economy for many families around the world, and they are especially needed in Ecuador’s impoverished communities. These organic crops will be installed in small plots. Families with few resources who receive vegetable and fruit seedlings to plant will have a source of nutritious food and a way to earn income from the sale of surplus crops.

Every day, the poorest families in Ecuador struggle to survive without adequate food and income. Families who do own small pieces of land cultivate one product only, mainly corn, to cover their basic needs. A gift of a garden can completely change a family’s situation. They will no longer need to buy vegetables and fruit. The planted crops will provide an excellent source of vitamin-rich produce that improves the family’s nutrition and also provides income through the sale of surplus vegetables and fruit at the local market, thereby increasing the family’s disposable monthly income by as much as 30 percent.

Four quarterly horticultural training and nutrition education workshops will be offered to further assist these families with essential information and tools, to provide a solid understanding of crop production and management (seeding, harvesting and marketing of products) and to encourage healthy eating habits and improve their diets.

With increasing financial independence, parents are better equipped to meet the basic needs of their children — medication, education, clothing, bedding and more.

Your gift helps move families from dependence to sustainable independence, giving children and parents the satisfaction of contributing to their own well-being and future economic security. Our goal is to provide 200 gardens to the region by August 2013..

Expected Results: This initiative will directly benefit 200 families (750 children and 500 youth) of Ecuador’s Pichincha Province, providing a sustainable source of nutrition and income. Having their own gardens addresses the nutrition, health and livelihood challenges so common in this region. With vitamin-rich vegetable and fruit crops to improve their diet, children will have less incidence of disease related to malnutrition, increasing their ability to develop into healthy, independent adults. Family incomes will also greatly improve. A gift of a garden represents hope and opportunity.

Gardens provide a source of nutrition and income for children and their families.

Ecuador Gardens

Ecuador Family

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