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Project Highlights

  1. School uniforms have a positive impact on children’s daily attendance and overall learning experience.
  2. Six hundred children will directly benefit from this project.

Uniforms for School Children

School Attire — A gift of school uniforms helps children start the school year with confidence and pride.

Uganda-MapProgram Goal:  Provide school uniforms to 600 children in India. Some of the poorest families in the region are not able to provide school uniforms for their children. Children are excited about starting school but feel unnecessary embarrassment when they arrive at school without a uniform. Providing children and youth with school uniforms will encourage them to stay at school and help them reach their full potential.

Children in ChildFund programs understand how priceless a good education can be as they seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty. At many schools in India, children are required to wear uniforms. For families that are struggling to put food on the table, buying new clothes for their growing children is often financially impossible. Your gift will provide a child with one uniform that consists of a shirt, skirt and/or pants, shoes and socks — making a tangible difference by preserving the dignity of children, encouraging them to stay in school and breaking the cycle of poverty their families have known.

Expected Results: This project directly benefits children and families in India, providing young people an opportunity to receive an education. The uniforms will help ensure that children will start the school year with confidence by knowing they won’t be sent home for not having proper clothing. Their self-esteem, dignity and overall attendance will improve — allowing them to reach their potential and giving them hope for tomorrow.

Uniforms preserve school children’s dignity and encourage them to stay in school.

School Uniforms


A uniform consists of a shirt, skirt and/or pants, shoes and socks.

School Uniform


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