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Project Highlights

  1. Warm blankets are needed in war-torn Afghanistan.
  2. Blankets provide comfort, warmth and a sense of security, protecting children against Afghanistan’s bitter cold.
Provide warm blankets as winterization kits to children and families in the war-torn Shaikh Mersir New Township village.

Afghanistan-mapProgram Goal:   ChildFund assists people in need with the generous donations of a corporation's excess inventory by facilitating the acquisition, shipment and delivery of these goods and services. The donations we receive help support various projects throughout the world. The goal of this project is to provide vulnerable Afghanistan children and families with warm blankets to protect from the harsh, cold weather.

In the Ningrahar province of Afghanistan, internal fighting has left many families without fathers, leaving mother's to provide for their families in a war-torn country. Finding work is difficult and when occasional work is found, it isn't enough to bring these impoverished children and families adequate food and shelter. When these families return to their village after fighting has ceased in the area, they also find they have no fresh water to drink-the children have to travel 5-6 miles to bring fresh water back, succumbing to the dangerous elements.

Expected Results: These funds will make a significant contribution to those suffering in this volatile region. This project will directly benefit children and families in the village of Shaikh Mersir New Township. Having access to these essential blankets will provide the village with comfort, warmth and a sense of security knowing they are protected against some of nature's harshest elements-essential in obtaining a productive and dignified life.


Rahmut Gall, an orphan, receives his blanket and is now heading home.

Rgull Walking


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