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Project Highlights

  1. This project will fund the first year of post-secondary education for 50 girls in rural India.

One-Year Scholarships for Girls

Fund one year of post-secondary education for girls in India.

India MapProgram Goal:  Girls in rural India dream of continuing their education after high school, but family finances are often not enough to cover the costs of books, school fees and transportation. At the same time, many girls lack the parental guidance and community support to help them excel in a post-secondary educational setting. This project, part of a three-year initiative, will cover one year of higher education costs for 50 girls in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

To ensure successful completion of the students’ first year of post-secondary education, your gift will provide for basic enrollment and related expenses, including travel costs, room and board and study materials. It will also cover pre-admission sessions, course and career guidance and life skills training, all of which are needed for a successful academic career.

Expected Results: This project will fund the first year of post-secondary education for 50 girls in rural India, giving them a solid start toward completing their degrees. The scholarship will include pre-admission counseling, enrollment and exam fees and course and career guidance to prepare these young women to continue their higher education.

This pilot initiative will ensure that girls in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan receive the assistance they need to enroll in their first year of post-secondary school. ChildFund is working to secure further funding so that these girls can continue and complete their degrees.

This pilot initiative will help girls achieve their higher education goals.  

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