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Project Highlights

  1. Less than 2 percent of Nomadic girls enter school due to their nomadic style and traditional gender roles that lead to early marriage.
  2. Part of funds will support peer-led study clubs.
  3. 625 Nokero Solar-powered lamps and chargers will be provided so students can study even when they're in remote locations without electricity.

Light the way to education for the Nomadic Girls in Northeast Afghanistan.

Support study clubs and provide 625 solar lights with chargers for 2,000 children in Afghanistan’s Nomadic community.
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Communities in Northeast Afghanistan are comprised of Nomadic herders who move with the seasons to herd and sell their livestock each year. As one of Afghanistan’s most marginalized ethnic groups, they face instability and often are excluded from education, health and other public services.

Since they settle only temporarily in rural, isolated regions, they go without basic services like electricity and education for months at a time. Children who are able to enroll in school frequently find their studies interrupted, and they leave school without completing even a basic education.

Girls suffer the most — less than 2 percent enroll, due to not only their nomadic lifestyle and limited resources but also traditional gender roles that often inhibit girls’ access to education opportunities even when available. In a country dependent on the future generation to lead in its transition, it’s important that all girls have the chance to reach their full potential.

Your contribution to this project will support a larger grant initiative to expand educational opportunities for 1,200 Nomadic girls and 800 boys.

A part of these funds will support peer-led study clubs that will be monitored by trained mentors and teachers so that students can continue their studies even when they are on the move. Girls will have an opportunity to interact with one another and learn together as well as engage with the community on awareness raising events on the importance of girls’ education. Girls will play an integral role in serving as change agents within their own families as well as the community to support and encourage new social and cultural norms that value girls’ education.

Your support will also provide the community with 625 Nokero solar-powered lamps and chargers that students can use to study even when they’re in remote locations without electricity. This project will give students the tools and access to continue their educations and improve their future opportunities without abandoning their nomadic way of life.

Expected Results: Expanded access to education for 2,000 Nomadic children, including 1,200 girls and 800 boys. Lights and study groups will help children to continue their educations even during seasonal migration, and empower children — especially girls — to reach their full potential in life.

Girls study in a traditional classroom in Afghanistan. Nokero lights can help children study in rural, isolated settings.

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