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What Is the Emergency Action Fund?


What is the Emergency Action Fund?

When disasters strike, the clock starts ticking …

… which means it's critical to be prepared to respond within the first 72 hours.

Founded 75 years ago, ChildFund International helps children living in poverty in 30 countries. When disaster strikes, protecting children is our number one priority.

95% of disaster-related deaths occur in developing countries.
Source: World Bank, “Building Global Solidarity through Concrete Actions Against Mega-disasters,” 2011)

Now we need your support to build the Emergency Action Fund, which will help save countless lives within that crucial 24- to 72-hour window after a disaster strikes.

Every moment counts in a race against the clock.

Within the first hours of a crisis: ChildFund field staff assesses the damage and evaluates needs.

First 24 hours: Our staff accounts for all the children enrolled in our programs and identifies their immediate needs and a response plan. Support is mobilized.

Within 72 hours: Our Child-Centered Spaces provide shelter and care for children. First-response partners are on the ground, providing food, blankets, water and other lifesaving relief to families in the disaster area.

Long term: Communities are rebuilt with an emphasis on safety and children's needs. Child-Centered Spaces continue to aid recovery from trauma.

232 million people every year are affected by disasters, and 32.4 million are displaced from their homes.
(Sources: Centre for the Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) and the Institute of Health and Society (IHS), Annual Disaster and Statistical Review 2011: The Numbers and Trends; Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), Global Estimates 2012: People Displaced by Disasters.)

Now you can help before it's too late.

Support the Emergency Action Fund Today!

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