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Children Affected by Flooding in Kenya

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ChildFund’s Response to Flooding in Kenya

Children and families in Kenya, whose lives are already being turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, are now facing a new danger. Severe flooding in the country has wiped out crops, destroyed homes and schools, displaced 161,000 families and taken almost 240 lives so far, and the devastating toll on children and families is expected to rise as heavy rainfall continues.

Right now, ChildFund is working to help kids and families rebuild their lives in multiple ways: helping to make sure they have food, hygiene products and other items they lost in the flood. So far, we have supported 4,060 households so that they can buy food, and hundreds more with supplies like clothing, utensils, soap and hand sanitizer, as well as pieces of iron sheet that will allow them to rebuild their houses.

To help us continue to be able to respond to this emergency and other catastrophes, you can donate to our Emergency Fund. This fund allows us to prepare for and react to disasters quickly and effectively – to be there for children when they need us most.