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“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”
—Fred Rogers




At ChildFund, our supporters are the backbone of everything we do for children. Now more than ever, we thank you for your generosity, empathy and incredible persistence in helping make sure that more children can grow up healthy, learning and safe. You truly are our hero!

To show our gratitude for your continued caring, we've created these fun and interactive resources to enrich your experience as part of the ChildFund family:


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Join our NEW Facebook group

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Connect with your sponsored child
Connect with your sponsored child

Discover tips, knowledge and resources to deepen your friendship.

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Engage with your child's community

Learn how you can make a difference – or plan a visit.

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Sponsorship Spotlight

How meaningful is your support to a child? It's life-changing!

Meet Alice, 9, in Zambia. She was eligible for sponsorship through ChildFund in 2016 when she was 4 years old. When Alice was told that she would be getting a sponsor, she started drawing pictures to send to them.

“Alice loves drawing, and she kept asking for paper and crayons every time she came home from school so she could draw a picture for her sponsor,” explained her big brother, Elias. “We told her she needed to wait, as ChildFund had not given her a sponsor yet.”

As time passed, Alice almost forgot about her potential sponsorship. But in January 2021, she got the best new year’s gift: the news that she now had a sponsor. The whole family was ecstatic. Now that the long wait was over, Alice, with her brother’s help, could finally send two letters and some drawings to her sponsor.

“My sponsor’s name is Ms. Shelly, and she lives in the USA. Today I received her photo, and I can’t stop looking at her. I think she is nice and kind,” Alice said. She added that being a sponsored child over the last four months has been exciting, and there is always something to look forward to. “I now know that my drawings and paintings are sent to my sponsor, and I can write about my village, my school and my friends so that my sponsor gets an idea of where I live. ChildFund has also given me a mosquito net and some reading books. It’s nice to be a sponsored child.”

Alice had one appeal before the interview ended: “My friend Mercy also wants to be sponsored. She is in my class. ChildFund took her picture and now she is waiting. I want to be writing and sending paintings with her!”


Meet Alice in Zambia
After a 5-year wait, Alice is finally able to share her letters and drawings with a sponsor.




A Special Message for You

Daisy, a former sponsored child in the Philippines, has something to say about the difference you’re making in kids’ lives. Check it out!