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Help Give Children Nutritious Food and Clean Water

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Children desperately need basic essentials

Can you imagine life without food or water?

No one can live without these basic essentials, but right now, millions of people go hungry every day, while billions lack reliable access to clean, safe water. Many of them are children. And now that the ripple effects of the COVID-19 crisis have plunged families who were already struggling into even deeper poverty, the situation has become critical.

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to make a difference in children’s lives. ChildFund is raising $180,000 to help us deliver emergency food, water and other essential resources to families – and we need your help. When you give today, you’ll help us bring relief to children who are fighting to survive some of the toughest situations in the world.

Urgent help is needed

The surge in need for food and water combined with the added hurdles of the pandemic means that we need to work faster and harder than ever before to help children in need.

Children cannot wait. Because a nutrient-rich diet is so important for the development of kids’ minds and bodies, children are at highest risk for suffering negative long-term effects from hunger and malnutrition. They are also the ones most likely to fall seriously ill from drinking unsafe water. The more quickly children can access nutritious food, clean water and the other essentials they need to grow, the stronger and healthier they will become.

You can make a difference

Your support will help to deliver these essentials to children in the places where they’re needed most – like those hit hard by drought, agricultural loss and COVID-19. The difference you can make for a child is tangible and often life-changing.

That was the case for Foster, age 4, in Zambia. Foster suffers from rickets, a bone disease that resulted from him not having the healthy food that he needed when he was young. With the help of generous donors like you, ChildFund provided emergency food and nutritional supplements to help with his recovery. Since then, his health has been drastically improving – and he’s even been able to stand and take a few steps for the first time. 

Foster, Zambia

Foster, pictured with his grandmother, Bendeti, is fighting the effects of malnutrition with the help of ChildFund in Zambia.

Another child, Smruti, 3, in India, was discovered to be severely malnourished at a ChildFund-supported health facility last year. We provided supplementary food and nutritional training for her family, and today, just one year later, she is happy and flourishing.  

Smruti, India

Smruti and her mother, Rashmita, are examples of how emergency food and supplemental nutrition can change lives.

When you give today, you’ll help make sure that a child like Foster or Smruti can get the clean water, food and other basic essentials they need to grow and reach their full potential. Help us meet our goal of $180,000 and change the lives of children in need right now!

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