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Help Feed Children in Ethiopia

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Thousands of Children Face Malnutrition in Ethiopia’s Siraro District

Where ChildFund works in the Siraro District of Ethiopia, children and families are experiencing critical food shortages. Extreme weather conditions caused by changing climate have resulted in alternating droughts, floods and hailstorms to the area, damaging the crops that most families depend on for their livelihoods. Add in a devastating locust infestation and the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and hunger has become the new reality for tens of thousands of people. Rates of child malnutrition are increasing every month, with 1,500 children under age 5 diagnosed during February alone. Hundreds of kids have dropped out of school to help their families search for jobs and food.

Right now, ChildFund is assessing the situation to find out how we can best combat malnutrition and get children back on track. We plan to distribute rations of food to keep their bodies strong until the next harvest season, as well as introduce a school feeding program that guarantees children’s access to at least one nutritious meal a day – and incentivizes them to attend school. But we need your help. Your gift to our Emergency Fund will allow us to fight food insecurity and ensure a brighter future for children facing malnutrition in Ethiopia. Please donate today!