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Give Now to Help Kids During This Emergency

In any emergency, children are ChildFund’s first concern, and we are ready to help kids in the aftermath of Typhoon Kammuri, which is pummeling the central Philippines with 100-mph winds and torrential rain. To make matters worse, the country is still working to recover from multiple earthquakes that struck just weeks ago.

“Imagine being a little kid watching your frantic parents trying to figure out food and shelter when everything has been swept away,” said Anne Lynam Goddard, ChildFund’s President and CEO. “That’s where ChildFund comes in.”

After an emergency, we work to take care of kids’ physical and emotional needs. After the Philippines earthquakes, many school buildings were destroyed, so we set up temporary learning spaces so kids wouldn’t have to miss out on their education. Children also needed psychological first aid (PFA) to help them cope with the distress of the disaster they experienced, so we have been putting on PFA sessions to support children and teachers who were traumatized by the earthquakes.

“The best part of the program that I like was when we closed our eyes,” said Caryle, a young girl who participated in the PFA sessions. “I felt I’m with my family.”

We foresee launching similar efforts once we can assess the situation after Typhoon Kammuri passes. Please give today to help children and families suffering in the aftermath of this disaster, so we can help more kids like Caryle to be – and to feel – safe.