Give a Holiday Gift That Gives Back

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This season, give a more socially conscious gift.

Forget toys wrapped in boxes and bows. So many kids around the world don’t have even the basics they need to get by – like food and water. But your holiday gift donation can change that.

You want to give a holiday gift that gives back to the world? We can help.

When you give to ChildFund’s Children’s Greatest Needs fund, your socially conscious gift will help a child when they need it the most. That means that your holiday gift donation can truly change a child’s life for the better by providing things like clean water, medical care and healthy food. What greater gift could you possibly give?

And this year, when you donate $75 or more, you’re not only giving to the Children’s Greatest Needs Fund, your gift will also deliver a brand-new pair of shoes to a child in Zambia – maybe their first pair ever. Just think of the comfort and joy you can bring to a child in need!