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Girls of Grace

Girls of Grace

Through their 20 years of making music together, the all-female, multi-platinum-selling contemporary Christian group Point of Grace received a lot of fan mail from teenage girls looking to them as role models.

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In 2002, all that correspondence inspired an idea: a conference specifically designed for girls in 6th through 12th grades, where they could gather, talk and learn about the concerns that mattered to them most - relationships, friends, guys, social media and choices, and how all of these fit with their faith. As Point of Grace's Denise Jones says, "At times girls feel like they are the only ones who struggle with certain issues. With a Girls of Grace conference, it gives them the opportunity to come together in a large group and realize that we all have our own struggles, and yet, we are in this together."

Here's a "beautiful truth": These all-girl events present a great opportunity for girls and their mothers to learn about their counterparts living in poverty around the world. The Girls of Grace LIVE! partnership with ChildFund will promote sponsorship of girls in our programs - because girls helping girls is a beautiful thing.

Texas Tenors

The Texas Tenors

In 2009, the Texas Tenors won the hearts of millions of fans on America's Got Talent. Their debut album, Country Roots-Classical Sound, showed their commitment to preserving timeless classics and inspirational themes and soared to #1 on both the classical and country charts in 2010.

Fast forward three years later and the humble trio, Marcus Collins, JC Fisher and John Hagen, continue to wow their audiences with a blend of country, gospel, classic and show music, with a new album due in 2012. While their voices and country charm captivate, it is their humor and humble hearts that really shine through.

Since 2009, they have used their recognition to support several organizations that give help and hope to those who need it the most. By encouraging their fans to envision a brighter future and follow their dreams, the Texas Tenors serve as positive role models for many and will continue doing exactly that by joining ChildFund's LIVE! artists. To help more children around the world fulfill their dreams, the Texas Tenors will share the sponsorship experience with fans at their concerts through December 2012.


The Smoking Flowers

Tennessee's The Smoking Flowers, led by vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Kim and Scott Collins, married 14 years, are a red-hot, soulful and sweet duo. Their brand of rock, blues and country is flavored with Southern Gothic folk, all with a punk attitude. On their sophomore album, 2 Guns, which Kim and Scott wrote and arranged at their East Nashville home, several tracks were recorded live in a single take.

The album is a ferocious musical document that eerily foreshadowed the battle the couple would soon encounter as Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer, just after they finished recording and mixing. An undeniable urgency flows throughout 2 Guns, and the couple tapped deeply into their punk and raw country-western roots in its composition. Kim’s cancer is in remission today, just over a year after her diagnosis.

On the stage, Kim plays accordion, acoustic guitar, drums (full kit), mandolin, harmonica and tambourine — and also delivers simmering country-soul vocals. On the album and live, Scott complements Kim’s vocals and plays acoustic and electric guitar and harmonica.

As The Smoking Flowers share their musical talents, they will also share the message of child sponsorship through ChildFund International. They will be inviting their audiences to join them in transforming the lives of children and communities living in poverty.



The newest addition to the ChildFund LIVE! lineup is Herrick — one of the most actively touring bands in the world. With intricate harmonies and a distinctive sound that combines the best of folk, rock, blues and country, Herrick shatters the current country music mold.

Herrick, comprising Donna and Kerry Herrick, Jeff Bradshaw and Jefferson Rogers, blends showmanship with tight vocals and harmonies to stand out from the crowd — it’s no surprise that they’re touring to standing-room-only crowds across the country.

Herrick’s high-energy live performance translates seamlessly to their new album, New Dance, which boasts two award-winning singles. “Cry Memphis” was honored with an Independent Music Award for Best Country Single, and “Do You Love Me” recently garnered a Music Video Bronze Award in the 34th Annual Awards for Music Video Excellence (of 12,000 entries).

Herrick is partnering with ChildFund International to encourage their fans to reach out to children living in poverty. By sharing with their audiences the joy of child sponsorship, they’ll join us in transforming the lives of children in need.

The Abrams Brothers

The Abrams Brothers

The Abrams Brothers are fourth-generation musicians with musical roots reaching back to their great-grandparents. But siblings John and James and their cousin Elijah have been bringing their own distinct sound to the family craft for almost a decade. The trio's combination of bluegrass, country and folk rock is pushing the Ontario-based trio up the charts.

In addition to being Canadian festival favorites, the Abrams Brothers have racked up an impressive list of accolades. They became the youngest Canadians to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and were named Emerging Artist of the Year at the Canadian Bluegrass Music Awards in 2005. The young musicians also made quite a splash on CMT with videos for their songs "Viva la Vida" and "Mermaid Town."

In September 2012, the Abrams Brothers released Northern Redemption, their fourth album but their first with all original material. With their new album and abundant youthful ambition, the band is excited to be fulfilling their musical dreams, and ChildFund is thrilled to have the Abrams Brothers among our LIVE! artists.

As they share their generation-spanning musical talents, the Abrams Brothers will also share the message of child sponsorship through ChildFund International - helping more children around the world achieve their own dreams.

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