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CCF Contributes Millions to Tsunami Rebuilding Effort

Image of a letter received from a child offering help to Tsunami victimsThe unimaginable human suffering in Southeast Asia has touched us all. Christian Children’s Fund is grateful for the thousands of generous, compassionate responders to the tsunami disaster and has collected millions of dollars to contribute to the relief of children in desperate need and to the long-term tsunami rebuilding effort.

As of January 31, Christian Children’s Fund has received $9.7 million to support immediate relief and ongoing development in tsunami-affected areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. Of that amount, $6.5 million came from individual donors and $3.2 million was generated through grants.

Since deploying emergency response teams on December 26, CCF has spent $2.2 million in immediate tsunami relief and child protection.

While continuing to support immediate needs, CCF is turning its attention to long-term development and child protection in tsunami-affected communities. Over the next six months, CCF plans an expenditure of $4 million for long-term development efforts, including water and sanitation construction and reconstruction, livelihood interventions, and other child-centered development efforts.

CCF uses a wide array of psychosocial interventions that have successfully been used in a variety of conflict and natural emergency situations, including Angola, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan, among others. CCF's award-winning approach to assisting children and their families in emergency situations uses psychosocial interventions that draw on natural resilience and that treat children and families as survivors, not victims. As stated by Dr. Mike Wessells, CCF Senior Child Protection Specialist, “Interventions conducted at the community level, by the communities themselves...are essential for long-term reconstruction and rebuilding.”

CCFChild_TsunamiSurvivorIn addition, CCF is planning for longer-term rehabilitation and development programs in tsunami-impacted communities over the next three years. CCF has identified $20 million in long-term needs.

CCF is a long-term child development organization; we've been working in the affected countries for decades, and we will be working to rebuild tsunami-affected areas of these countries for many years to come. CCF will support programs that help families regain their self-sufficiency and help children stay in school — in areas where tsunami devastation has taken lives, livelihoods, life options, and opportunities. Your donations rebuild the lives of children — lives that would otherwise be torn apart.