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CCF Begins Work in Two New African Countries

For the first time in 15 years, Christian Children’s Fund is adding two new sponsorship countries, Mozambique and Guinea, raising the total number of countries served by CCF to 34. Offices will open in both countries by mid-summer 2005. Sponsorships will commence in December of the same year. In the first year, CCF expects to enroll 5,000 children for sponsorship in Mozambique and 6,000 in Guinea.

How Countries Were Selected

To determine where it would begin new programs and sponsorship, CCF studied 170 of the world’s poorest countries. In addition to traditional indicators of child poverty, including infant and child mortality, the organization created an expanded standard of measurement to better evaluate how children experience poverty. CCF considered the following factors:

Deprivation: a lack of material conditions and services generally held to be essential to the development of children’s full potential.

Exclusion: the result of unjust processes through which children’s dignity, voice and rights are denied or their existence threatened.

Vulnerability: a society's inability to cope with existing or probable threats to children in their environment.

Deprivation is usually the simplest factor to measure, as it is a physical or material need. However, deprivation only shows part of the poverty experience. Exclusion, whether based on gender, caste or other factors, affects children as well. Lastly, children are most at risk when society is unable to cope with existing or potential threats, such as: natural disaster, conflict, crop failure, high incidence of HIV/AIDS infection, etc.

Considerations are based on CCF’s groundbreaking three-part study, Children and Poverty, which shows that children profoundly experience poverty through the aforementioned factors.