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Afghanistan: Extreme Weather Leads to Emergency

Heavy snows combined with cold temperatures have hit north eastern Afghanistan, especially Takhar province where CCF has been working for the last six years. The weather has claimed the lives of 162 people and more than 800 families have been rendered homeless and are now facing exposure to extremely cold temperatures and poor weather conditions.

Families in isolated Takhar province, who were already prone to weather related problems and poor road conditions, are now facing a shortage of food, damage or loss to properties and assets, loss of livestock and a lack of health care, medicines and clean water. The transport system has been closed temporarily as the snow continues to fall.

CCF, working in Afghanistan as ChildFund Afghanistan, is assessing the situation. Concerns include the development of illnesses such as pneumonia and food shortages. Although the UN and others have started some emergency response operations, they are not able to meet the needs of the people. CCF is planning to use its network of Child Well-Being Committees to help provide assistance to affected children and families, in coordination with the local government.

ChildFund Afghanistan works with communities, promoting child protection and development.