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Building on CCF’s 70-Year Legacy of Helping Children

As Christian Children’s Fund enters its 70th year, we recognize that the needs of children remain great.

Each year 9.2 million children die before age 5. Another 148 million children under age 5 in the developing world are under-weight for their age. 75 million children of primary school age are not even in school.

How best to meet these needs is something we have been perfecting for seven decades. And as we move into our next 70 years, we want to ensure we are well positioned to help the world’s deprived, excluded and vulnerable children.

“We are proud of our first 70 years and optimistic for our next 70 years,” said president and CEO Anne Goddard. “We are committed to even greater outcomes for the children we serve. We know that children are counting on us.”

For that reason over the past 18 months, CCF has placed our entire organization under the microscope. And we’ve developed a strategy that lays a solid foundation for our next 70 years.
We’ve reviewed our programs on the ground. We’ve consulted with recognized experts in child and child-centered community development. And most importantly, we’ve talked with members of donor and sponsor families about what they think we do best and what we could do better.

We’ve learned that our child-focused, community based approach is the best way to drive both immediate and long-term impact. Our focus on key interventions along the journey of a child’s life from birth to young adulthood better enables their chances at becoming leaders who will bring positive, lasting change to their communities.

We’ve learned that programs aimed towards healthy and secure infants, educated and confident children, and skilled and involved youth have the greatest impact on a child’s well-being. Working in closer partnership with existing and new allies is critical in having the greatest impact on children in an evolving global environment.

Above all, we’ve learned that more can and must be done to give children a louder voice; to empower and involve them in their own development.

Although our plan looks at all aspects of our organization – from how we organize ourselves and partner with stakeholders to how we implement programs to assist those in need – one thing will not change.

Our constant and strong commitment to helping deprived, excluded and vulnerable children.