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Tax Refunds: Help the World’s Children

How much does it cost to sponsor one child for a year through Christian Children’s Fund? $288.

And with help from CCF programs, that one child can grow up become a leader in his or her community, helping to bring lasting and positive change.

How much are average tax refunds in the United States? $2,200.

Using simple math, it’s easy to see that Americans’ tax refunds can make the world a better place for millions of children around the world.

One sponsorship after another leads to sustainable communities in parts of the world hit the hardest by poverty. The United Nations estimates about 2 billion people in the world are living in poverty.

While donations to CCF are tax deductible, Chris Hand, a CCF accountant, believes most donations to nonprofits are done because people feel good doing so and aren’t necessarily looking for a tax break.

“I think that most people who give money to a nonprofit do so because they believe in the cause and want to be able to help someone in need,” Hand said.

A small portion of an American’s unexpected windfall during tax season can go a long way in helping someone less fortunate in one of the 31 countries where CCF works.

In addition to $288 to sponsor one child, CCF offers donors a chance to buy gifts for communities. $6 can buy cough medicine for a child in Honduras. $10 can buy a duck for an entire family in Timor-Leste. $14 can provide an art kit for a child in Angola. $36 can purchase a goat for a family in Zambia.

Hundreds of gifts are available up to $5,300 a piece.

“You will be investing in a child’s future,” said Sassan Parandeh, global treasurer for CCF.