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Commemorating the Rights of Children

“A person’s a person, no matter how small. So let that be a lesson, to one and to all.”

                                                                                            – Dr. Seuss, children’s book author and cartoonist.



Universal Children's Day

Check out a video from ChildFund Australia,
celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Convention on
the Rights of the Child.


At ChildFund International, we believe that improving the well-being of all children — especially those living in deprived, excluded and vulnerable conditions — is one of the most important ways to reverse the cycle of poverty in countries where we work.


Healthy and secure infants; educated and confident children; skilled and involved youth — they hold the key to our common global future.

Since 1954, the United Nations General Assembly has recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children’s Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. The observance is also devoted to promoting the welfare of children in the world.

On Nov. 20, Universal Children’s Day will be celebrated in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. For ChildFund, the Convention is an important foundation for our work, as it covers all aspects of a child’s life.

Since 1989, the Convention has recognized children as human beings with full rights to survival, development, protection and participation — all of which are important in ending the cycle of poverty. Through a rights-based approach, the Convention helps focus our programming around families’ responsibilities to their children, and communities’ and states’ responsibilities to their residents.

To uphold the Convention, ChildFund works with children to actively provide them with opportunities to share their experiences and viewpoints to direct and design our inventions, programs and evaluations that will enable them to become leaders of enduring change.

We help them become change activators in their own lives. We do that first and foremost by empowering their voices.

“We believe children have the capacity to improve their own lives and to be leaders of the next generation,” says ChildFund President and CEO Anne Lynam Goddard. “The most sustainable change comes from within a community. As we change a childhood, we change the world.”

ChildFund’s approach to making children change activators in their own lives and communities can be seen in Uganda through Children and Youth Executive Committees.

Alongside adults, children and youth have a vested interest and say into the planning, budgeting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of ChildFund programs. They are trained in leadership, communications skills, team building and baseline survey techniques.

From committee to community is the goal — children take what they have learned and share that knowledge with others to begin the cycle of change.

For example, with projects such as child rights and protection, children and youth committee members conduct advocacy forms, report cases of child abuse and even serve as peer counselors.

Two girls, who participate in Children and Youth Executive Committees, have each submitted a letter discussing their work on the committee as well as their recommendations for future child participation activities and programs.


Image of Rebecca


Rebecca says:

“I have participated in the development of my community through attending meetings from village level to the district level that have helped me to air out my views on behalf of my fellow children.”

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Image of Irene


Irene says:

 “Before ChildFund engaged me I was shy and couldn’t stand and speak out for my fellow children. But [after] getting involved in ChildFund activities, I am now a confident person and I can even stand and talk with parents, fellow children and youths, even on important matters.”

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If you wish to to become a child sponsor through ChildFund in celebration of Universal Children’s Day and the 20th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, click here and let us help you transform a life.