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Disaster Strikes

Destruction left by Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines

Destruction left by Typhoon Ondoy
that struck the Philippines on Sept. 26.

Catherine, an 8-year-old girl living in metropolitan Manila, is just one of the children whose lives has been disrupted by Typhoon Ondoy.



Typhoon Ondoy hit the coast of Central and Southern Luzon on Sept. 26. On its heels was Typhoon Parma, which struck Northern Luzon on Oct. 2, taking lives, drowning livestock and destroying homes. In Southern Luzon, where the damage is most severe, ChildFund International is currently working to meet the needs of more than 18,650 people.

“I was nervous at the time [Ondoy hit the Philippines],” said Catherine.

“I cried and was afraid when I saw the huge flood of water that seeped inside our house. I thought our house might be lost, and my school things.”

Catherine, along with her two siblings and parents, used to live in a house made of light materials alongside the river. The heavy rains and wind wrought by Typhoon Ondoy, ultimately destroyed the home. Once the rains turned into massive flooding, producing a wall of water almost 25 feet high, the family quickly packed their important belongings and tried to leave, only to find the bridge by their house already overrun by water.

The only way for Catherine and her family to reach safety was to leave their possessions behind and climb to the rooftop of their house and then, as the water rose, scramble over a fence. Once across, the family was wet, hungry and uncomfortable, but they were alive.

“It was a terrible experience for me and my family,” said Catherine’s father. “Never mind our things and our house. Life is more important than things; things can be replaced but life cannot.”

Natural disasters, such as Typhoon Ondoy, create terrible situations that put already vulnerable children in grave danger. When emergency situations do arise, ChildFund International makes it easy for you to help.

Currently there are emergencies happening in all parts of the world where ChildFund works. Click here to read more about these areas and what ChildFund is doing to respond.

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