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Remaining Resilient in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

Image of boys collecting distribution items in post-conflict Sri LankaResettlement in Sri Lanka is still uncertain for more than 300,000 displaced children and families living in camps.

Run under the auspices of the ChildFund Alliance, activity leaders are helping students continue with their formal education. In one camp, 1,200 children are not only studying for their upcoming exams, but enjoying time for play. Building blocks, Snakes and Ladders, Cricket, clay work abnd handicrafts, singing and dancing are only some of the activities children enjoy.

The importance of good hygiene is also being taught, as water is severely limited,  and ChildFund staff say they have seen an increase in children’s well-being since the CCSs were opened. Youth clubs are also being established to encourage leadership, teamwork and community involvement of displaced youth.

With the help of ChildFund staff and volunteers, CCSs and the activities associated with them improve the living conditions in which these displaced children and youth currently find themselves, helping these children regain their health and well-being in the long-term.