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Celebrating ChildFund’s Champions


Anne Goddard greets Ed and Eleanor Burchianti

More children around the globe now have hope — and a future, thanks to the interventions of ChildFund International donors and sponsors.

On April 19, ChildFund paid tribute to two groups — the Champions for Children Society, recognizing donors who have contributed from $100,000 to $1 million, and the International Leaders for Children Society, who have supported ChildFund with more than $1 million.

This year Anne Lynam Goddard, ChildFund president and CEO, welcomed 37 new Champions for Children and one new International Leader. With the latest inductions, ChildFund now has 222 Champions for Children and nine International Leadership Society members.

“We recognize you because you realize that so much of what we take for granted — clean and available water, physical and economic mobility, education, basic medical care — is absent in much of the world,” Goddard said.

“Statistically speaking, to be a child in the world today is to be in a precarious position,” she said, adding that 11 million children in the developing world die each year before they reach the age of five. Two thirds of those deaths are caused by health problems that are preventable or treatable.

“So tonight, we thank you for your extraordinary support in fulfilling ChildFund’s mission,” Goddard said. “The resources you have provided alter the world stage for them. Your donations and support allow them to be the solution to the world’s problems.”

Among the new members of the Champions Society are Ed and Eleanor Burchianti, who have been supporting ChildFund for more than 28 years through sponsorship and contributions to Children’s Greatest Needs, Learning for Life and AIDS relief, as well as a Charitable Gift Annuity.

Leon and Dolores Hopkins were honored for their sponsorship of 149 children as well as their contributions to Children’s Greatest Needs.

Ivor and Maureen Massey were recognized for their sponsorship of two children and their recently announced yearly unrestricted gift for 10 years to ChildFund.

Also recognized was Mick Foley, who currently sponsors seven children and has funded six primary schools and one secondary school in Sierra Leone. In addition, his contributions have built a community center in Mexico and an early childhood center in the Philippines.