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Experience the Joys of Child Sponsorship in Four Easy Steps

Sponsorship in 4 Easy StepsPerhaps you've considered sponsoring a child through ChildFund but aren't quite sure of the steps to get started or what sponsorship truly entails.

Or maybe you're holding back because you're unsure how to make that one-to-one connection with a child who lives in poverty.

Here are some tips to guide you through the child sponsorship process and put you on your way to helping transform a child's life:

  1. Begin by selecting a child. You can choose by age, gender and country.
  2. Your monthly $28 contribution is combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same area so that all girls and boys benefit.
  3. You will receive a welcome packet with a photo of your sponsored child, his or her mailing address and details about how child sponsorship works.
  4. Now for the best part – you can begin writing to your sponsored child.


Don't be intimated about writing that first letter. Start with a note card (short and sweet) or a postcard from your city or town, which is fun because its shows something about where you live.

Share about yourself. Long-time sponsors tell us that they write updates on their own families, their pets and their hobbies. Simply sharing the everyday things you do helps make a connection.

You'll learn about your sponsored child's family, community, daily routine and his or her hopes for the future. Some children may be too young to write, but a parent, relative or family friend will keep you up to date on the child's activities and favorite things to do.

In turn, your letters provide an outside connection that gives children hope, makes them feel nurtured and provides the confidence they might otherwise lack.

You'll receive regular updates about your child so you will know how he or she is progressing. An unexpected poem or a piece of artwork from your sponsored child is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Many sponsors choose to visit the children they sponsor. ChildFund staff will arrange a personal visit, or you may find ChildFund is planning a study tour to the country where your sponsored child lives. It's a great way to visit another part of the world and see firsthand how you've helped change a childhood that, in turn, is bringing about change in the world.