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Youth in The Gambia Discover Voices in Their Communities

In The Gambia, children and youth equipped with video cameras, tape recorders and some pointers on reporting went into their community to ask the question: “What is this place?

To prepare, the group mapped out the high-risk areas of their community, such as pools of standing water that subjected the community to the danger of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. But they also pinpointed assets found within their community, including a new borehole and an agricultural field.

“We wanted the kids to feel comfortable enough to talk to adults in their community and get something of value out of it,” says Jason Schwartzman, child and youth involvement team leader at ChildFund.

“We hope the cameras made them feel they had some form of authority — a purpose for asking their questions.”

Take an experiential journey with the children and youth of The Gambia, as they discover “What Is This Place?”