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PUR Is Simple for Improving Lives

Help improves lives with PUR water purification technology

In Uganda, the national prevalence rate for HIV/AIDS is 7.4 percent, a high percentage of the population in comparison to the U.S. and other developed countries, but notably lower than other African nations

Since 1980, ChildFund has worked to improve the health of children and families in Uganda, including those battling HIV/AIDS.

In March 2008, ChildFund implemented the Potable Drinking Water for People Living with HIV/AIDS project, funded by Proctor and Gamble. Through this project, ChildFund increased its capacity to use home-based volunteers to help those with HIV/AIDS live longer, more productive lives by training them on the importance of water purification, using PUR water technology.

The water purifier packets contain a powdered product that separates particles and organisms from contaminated water and kills microbes within 30 minutes. The water is then filtered through a cloth to remove the debris.

Through this project, ChildFund has provided 7,630 people living with HIV/AIDS a simple means to purify water. In Uganda, it is estimated that an average household of five consumes roughly 10 liters (3 gallons) of water a day. One packet of PUR adequately serves the needs of that entire family for one day.

ChildFund also trained community members on water, hygiene and sanitation issues to prevent the contamination of future households.

Safe water access and proper sanitation are indispensable for aiding people living with HIV/AIDS. It’s necessary for taking medicine, preparing meals and staying hydrated. And by implementing health products like PUR technology, ChildFund community members have been able to continue implementing other health interventions, including HIV testing, care and treatment.

The expansion of the potable drinking water project allows ChildFund to maintain previous interventions, and reach an additional 1,000 HIV-affected households, with 365,000 packets of PUR. Forty-five home-based volunteers will distribute packets on a weekly basis; between 5,000 and 6,000 people will benefit directly.

Volunteers also will educate families on the importance of personal hygiene, how to prevent diarrhea and the danger signs of diarrhea that require prompt health care attention, leading to healthier babies, healthier families and, ultimately, a healthier, more prosperous community.

You can help ChildFund ensure that children and families in Uganda who are affected by HIV/AIDS live longer, more productive lives through ChildFund Fund a Project.