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Perfect Gifts for Everyone on Your List

 Perfect Gifts

No matter who’s on your gift list, there’s no going wrong with something from ChildFund’s Gifts of Love and Hope catalog. — especially since every item in it was specifically requested by specific people in specific places where ChildFund works.

For example, what do you get for the Princess, who has everything? We’re pretty sure she doesn’t have a water buffalo. In Indonesia, families depend on these large, strong animals for the hard work of farming as well as for their highly nutritious milk. Or maybe she’d like to turn a village into a ranch, with five cows that villagers will raise, generating income to support the needs of area children.

> 49453 Water buffalo for a family in Indonesia $429
> 49507 Five cows and ranch training for a village in Indonesia $1,115

And what about the Scholar on your list? Most likely, this person is on top of the research supporting the education of girls as one of the best tools in the fight against poverty. After all, an educated girl has higher self-esteem, is not afraid to use her voice, waits longer to get married and is a productive member of society. But to go to school, first she'll need a uniform. And shoes. And supplies. And a way to get there.

> 49581 School uniform for a girl in India $17
> 49573 School shoes for a child in Liberia $29
> 49587 Backpack with school supplies $18
> 49571 Mountain bike for a child in Zambia $179

The Gourmet, intimately acquainted with the beauties of fresh produce, will surely be excited by the idea of giving a whole greenhouse — and thus earning potential and self-sufficiency — to a family in Mexico. Adding a few fruit trees couldn’t hurt, either.

> 49533 Orchard greenhouse for a family in Mexico $226
> 49720 Fruit trees for three families in Mozambique $60

For the Tech Geek, consider a solar-powered laptop that will allow children in Honduras to continue learning and developing their computer skills even when there is no electricity.

> 49579 Solar-powered laptop for a school in Honduras $500

Alas, we don’t offer lumps of coal (which, actually, would be quite useful in many places where ChildFund works) for purchase on behalf of the Teenager Going Through a Phase. So how about an ecological stove that preserves both air quality and fuel for a family in Bolivia?

> 49547 Ecological stove for a family in Bolivia $81

Choose any of the above items and call in an order to ChildFund 1-800-776-6767, or shop online for the Farmer, the Jock, the Artiste or any of your other loved ones and friends. They’ll receive a lovely gift card sharing the good tidings of your thoughtful gift.