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Protect Children with the Gift of Fresh Water

Give clean water to a child in need

In many of our program countries, children and their families neither have a water source in their home nor live close to one. It is typically women and children who must walk long distances to fetch and carry large buckets of water from the source back to their homes. After completing the chore, the children often are too tired to attend school.

ChildFund recognizes that clean, safe water is essential to the health and development of children, and to every family’s ability to be self-sustaining.

In our Gifts of Love and Hope Catalog, ChildFund supporters can help us in our effort to provide safe and clean water for children and their families in the countries where we work.

A filter and a purifier for a school in Ecuador protects children from waterborne diseases, allowing them to attend school on a regular basis and receive a quality education.

Choose to purchase a well and hand pump for a community in Afghanistan, and eliminate the need for women and children to walk long miles and carry heavy buckets back and forth from a far-away water source and their own village.

Stagnant, bacteria-laden water is a main cause for serious diseases in young children. Diarrhea and intestinal parasites that lead to malnutrition, delayed growth and, in some cases, death, can all be prevented by providing access to clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes.

When you purchase a water safety testing kit for a community in Brazil, you help keep children healthy, in turn allowing them to study, play and grow into successful youth and adults who take leadership roles in their community.

To make a Gifts of Love and Hope Catalog clean water purchase, or to browse other gifts that can help you change a child’s life, click here.