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Say ‘Yes’ to Vulnerable Children

100 DaysEvery day 24,000 children die from lack of food or clean water or from preventable diseases. Many other children have heard “no” their entire lives.

For 100 days starting Oct. 14, ChildFund is looking for sponsors to say yes to sponsoring a child. The goal is 100 sponsors each day for 100 days.

“We know that Americans care deeply about the plight of children around the world,” says ChildFund president and CEO Anne Lynam Goddard.

ChildFund conducted a survey earlier this year and found that one in three Americans placed helping the world’s poor children as the number one charitable priority. “It’s heartening that Americans are so willing to look beyond our borders to help those children in need in other countries,” Goddard adds. “And a small amount of support goes a long way.”

Sponsorship costs $28 a month, which is less than $1 a day. To a child living in poverty, it is a world of difference.

The current economic crisis has added to the plight of these children. World food prices have skyrocketed. Some families now eat two meals instead of three, Goddard says. In addition, because meat is expensive, many families are foregoing this protein source.

Increasing gasoline and transportation costs mean families can’t afford to travel for health care. Some aren’t able to get to their employment. Children are being pulled out of school so they can go to work.

“Saying ‘yes’ to sponsorship will make a difference,” Goddard says. “At ChildFund we believe if you change a childhood, you change the world.” For the next 100 days, ChildFund is publicizing the campaign through television advertising, website updates, e-mail and social media. Be sure to visit ChildFund’s Facebook page throughout the campaign, as there will be multiple opportunities to engage with other supporters and win prizes.