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Strength in Numbers: New Options for Monthly Giving

  Strength in Numbers

For decades, ChildFund’s signature mechanism for giving has been its sponsorship program. For our sponsors, the ability to exchange letters with their sponsored children, to observe those children as they grow and fulfill their potential, is powerful. A lot of good feeling comes from that personal relationship.

But the relationship part is not for everybody, and ChildFund understands that. Many people want to give — they want to be part of lifting children and their families out of poverty, of stabilizing communities, of promoting health and nutrition and education, just as ChildFund’s sponsors are doing. Some of them just prefer to give more simply.

ChildFund has added two new ways to do exactly that. Our new Monthly Giving opportunities — Generation Give and Essentials for Survival — allow supporters to become part of our multifaceted work on behalf of children of all ages. Each option has its distinct level of engagement and variety of price points.

The more interactive of the two, Generation Give aims to become one of the largest online communities of people who care about children living in poverty, simply because there is strength in numbers. By joining together — whether at the $20, $30 or $40 monthly level — Generation Give members can bring nourishment to many children. They can help families to protect themselves from malaria with treated mosquito nets, or villagers to drill wells for fresh water. When the generosity of ChildFund’s Generation Give community makes possible a school for girls, those girls’ families will have double the earning power in the future.

Through Generation Give, ChildFund is facilitating a social network where supporters can focus their attention on efforts that change lives. The excitement it generates will naturally energize the work and everyone involved. The conversation about ChildFund’s work has already begun on ChildFund’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Essentials for Survival, ChildFund’s other new monthly giving opportunity, is focused toward exactly what the name suggests: the basics — food, water, health care.

For most people in developed nations, water is something so easily accessible that it’s rarely thought of as a basic for survival. It’s also surprisingly basic to other important capacities, such as education. In developing countries like Uganda, a young child may spend hours on the journey to and from a local water source, which means that child is not in school.

Supporters who choose this option — at $15, $20 or $25 monthly — can know that their generosity combines to provide children with life-sustaining water, as well as the food that will allow them to grow and develop and learn. These essentials will help preserve children’s health, making it possible for them to become young adults and parents who bring lasting change to their communities.

Monthly giving is both low-maintenance and high-impact, and it’s easy to sign up at