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Warsito and Ade

Central Java, Indonesia

Warsito and Ade with their stilts

Ade (left) and Warsito (right)
play with their handmade stilts

Coconut shells, rope and sandpaper is almost all you need to make a homemade pair of stilts. Although these items may sound ordinary, they are what children in countries like Indonesia use to develop friendships through play. 


My name is Warsito and I am the youngest in my family. I am 13-years-old and studying the fifth grade in elementary school. One of my favorite activities after school is playing “egrang” (stilts) with my friends.

It’s an exciting and unique game and I love playing it. You can tell when a child is an expert in playing this game. He or she must have a good sense of balance and high skill to play it.

The materials to make this toy are very accessible. I can even make it by myself using coconut shells and a piece of strong rope. This game has taught me to be more creative. My parents helped in finding the materials to make the toy and they also taught me the right technique to play with the “egrang.”

Next time I want to create a more complicated toy for a new game, but for now I am satisfied with my own creation.


I am Ade, and I am in the fifth grade in elementary school. I am the oldest in my family and my little sister and I are participating in the Children under Five activities that are held by ChildFund.

My father is an electrician and my mother is the Community Management Council secretary. I want to become a computer expert someday.

One of my hobbies is to play the ”egrang” with my friends. We usually make it a competition and it has nurtured my competitiveness. I like playing the “egrang" because it is a challenging toy and it’s a matter of pride if you can skillfully play the “egrang” among your peers.

The game looks easy to play at first but after people try it they realize it is a difficult game. I want to show this game to more children in my village so they can know how much fun this game really is.




Watch a slideshow of how the stilts are made




How It's Made


  • Coconut Shells
  • Rope
  • Sandpaper
  • Coloring Items
  • Cutter
  • Knife



  • Take two halves of coconut. Smooth them
    with sandpaper
  • Make a hole at the middle of the coconut
    shells with a knife
  • Insert a rope into the hole of every
    coconut shell
  • Make a knot at the end of every rope
  • Color them before use


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