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Take a Leap, Change a Life

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Richmond, VA – Feb. 28, 2012– To celebrate Leap Day, which occurs every four years, ChildFund International has a suggestion: Take a leap, and change a life on Feb. 29.

So much can happen in four years. With the right support, a baby will learn to walk, talk and play. A preschooler will begin primary school and learn to read and write.

Without support, a young girl might quit school to enter an arranged marriage at 14 and become a mother by 15. The preschooler might get malaria. The infant might be one of the 24,000 children under 5 who die every day from preventable causes tied to poverty.

Much depends on where a child grows up. For children living in extreme poverty, much depends on the kind of support ChildFund provides.

On a day that comes once every four years, ChildFund is urging individuals to celebrate by taking a hop, a jump or a leap in the direction of changing children’s lives for the better.

A hop is a one-time donation to its Children’s Greatest Needs fund, which creates programs to help children with everyday and emergency situations.

For those with a special interest in nutrition, water or health care projects, ChildFund is asking them to jump into monthly giving, with options for tailoring your gifts in both size and purpose.

Finally, a person can take the leap and change a life by sponsoring a child through ChildFund.

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ChildFund International is a global child development and protection agency serving more than 13.5 million children and their family members in 31 countries. For more than 70 years, we have helped the world’s deprived, excluded and vulnerable children survive and thrive to reach their full potential and become leaders of enduring change. As a member of ChildFund Alliance we create supportive environments in which children can flourish. To sponsor a child in need, visit the ChildFund website.