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ChildFund’s RESTART Project Brings Clean Water to Afghanistan’s Returning Refugees

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Contact: Tasha Chambers or 804-545-3626

Richmond, VA – Mar. 22, 2013– March 22 marks World Water Day, and ChildFund International is doing its part by providing solar-powered water systems in Sheikh Mesri, a refugee resettlement community in a remote, dry area of Afghanistan.

ChildFund’s RESTART program is a collection of services designed to help meet the needs of the community’s youngest children for education, nutrition, water and sanitation. Partnerships with government entities, U.N. agencies and community organizations support the work.

Malik Nader, a father of eight children, shared that he is grateful for the access to clean and safe water provided by ChildFund and its partners.

“At first, we lacked even the basics for life such as water, health care, food, decent roads and jobs,” said Nader. “The most difficult problem was drinking water. We spent as much as five hours a day bringing water from far away to meet the needs of our children and families.”

With donors’ help, ChildFund can continue offering clean water options to children worldwide. For $190, a water storage tank will hold 1,000 liters of water for a typical family with six children. Also, for $562, water tanks can be purchased for schoolchildren in Ethiopia or Liberia so they can focus on their studies instead of having to search for water during school hours.

For more ideas on how you can provide clean water to children and their families, visit our Gifts of Love & Hope catalog.

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