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ChildFund International Programs Help Children With Disabilities During Disasters

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Contact: Cynthia Price

Organization renews efforts in assisting vulnerable children in marking International Day for Disaster Reduction

Richmond, Va. – Oct. 11, 2013 – In marking the U.N. General Assembly’s International Day for Disaster Reduction this Sunday, ChildFund International, a global development organization serving children in 30 countries around the world, underscored its commitment to helping children with disabilities prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

Protecting vulnerable populations like children and persons with disabilities is a primary component of ChildFund’s work during disaster preparedness and response. ChildFund trains staff and local partners in disaster-prone countries on how to reduce their vulnerability to disasters and increase their resilience.

The U.N. International Day of Disaster Reduction is a global observance that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of helping people and communities become better equipped to withstand natural disasters. This year’s theme, "Living with Disability and Disasters," highlights how people living with disabilities – in particularly those living in countries with extreme poverty – are among the most excluded in society and face acute vulnerability during disasters.

In observance of the day, ChildFund Gambia and 200 sponsored children along with the Gambia National Disaster Management Agency will participate in a parade highlighting the importance of disaster risk-reduction and building resilience. Demonstrations on national emergency preparedness also will be held.

“I was a sponsored child with a disability myself, but I did have access to health care and education and was safe,” Stirling said. “We want to ensure the same for all the children we serve.”


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