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ChildFund International Releases 2013 Charitable Gift Catalog

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Contact: Cynthia Price

Items support families living in poverty around the world  

Richmond, Va. – Oct. 08, 2013 – Don’t have a cow during the upcoming holiday season because of never-ending shopping lists. Buy one instead. ChildFund International’s just released “Gifts of Love & Hope” catalog offers a variety of items, from goats and gardening tools to clean water and cows, that make a lasting impact on children in developing countries.

The annual catalog contains more than 100 items, ranging in price from $11 to more than $4,000, all tax deductible. Gift givers can select an item in the name of a loved one, family member, friend or coworker.

What makes ChildFund International’s gift catalog unique? Items in the catalog have been specifically requested by staff and communities in the organization’s 30 program countries, and are delivered directly to recipients exactly as they are described. Several nontraditional items are included in the catalog, such as chickens that produce protein-rich eggs and scholarships that provide learning opportunities.

“The Gifts of Love & Hope catalog is an opportunity for people to give a gift that will make a significant, long-term impact on children and families in developing countries,” said Tereza Byrne, chief development and marketing officer at ChildFund International. “People’s generosity will help fill critical needs of vulnerable children across the world, helping to ensure a better, brighter future.”

This year, families in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, The Gambia, Timor-Leste and Uganda asked for dairy cows. The dairy cows, available for $497, help families plow fields, carry produce to the markets, create rich fertilizer and provide nourishing milk for the community.

Since they produce wholesome milk, cheese and yogurt for children, hundreds of families in more than 12 countries requested dairy goats for 2013. At $100, the goats provide nutritious dairy items that support children’s growth and development, and offer better health to adult family members. Families also can sell the surplus dairy products for much-needed income.

The catalog addresses a variety of other issues, including education and healthcare. For example, $100 buys a bicycle for a young girl who has to travel long distances to school in India, while $50 helps restock Honduras health stations. Thanks to matching corporate sponsors, a donation of $100 will provide $1,500 worth of textbooks to children in Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Zambia.

Print catalogs will start arriving in mailboxes this week. To request a catalog, call 1-800-610-9013. Gifts also are available online at  


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