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ChildFund Suggests Using Tax Refund to Change a Childhood

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Contact: Ellie Whinnery, 804-756-8987

  • Tax refunds average $2,200 in US
  • $336 can sponsor one child for a year
  • By the end of 2010, 89 million more people are expected to be living in poverty due to the economic crisis

Richmond, Va. – Feb.15, 2010 – Tax refunds average $2,200. For just under $336 of that refund you can sponsor a child for a year through ChildFund International. 

ChildFund will use the $28 sponsorship contribution per month to provide a sponsored child with what he or she needs to grow healthy and thrive, whether it’s an education, nourishing meals, clean water, medical care or opportunities to play, develop and learn.

Sponsors develop relationships with their child through letters and pictures. Regular updates are sent about the child’s progress.
ChildFund is known for its excellent stewardship of funds and work with deprived, excluded and vulnerable children around the world.


Child sponsorship leads to sustainable communities in parts of the world hit hardest by poverty. The United Nations estimates about 2 billion people in the world live in poverty. That number is expected to grow. By the end of 2010, 89 million more people will live in poverty due to the economic crisis, according to the World Bank.

A small portion of an American’s tax refund can go a long way in changing the lives of children less fortunate in one of the 31 countries where ChildFund works. “You will be investing in a child’s future,” said Mike Pressendo, vice president of marketing and strategic resources.

For more information on investing in children’s future through child sponsorship, visit



ChildFund International, formerly named Christian Children’s Fund, is a global child development and protection agency, helping the world's deprived, excluded and vulnerable children survive and thrive in order to reach their full potential. Serving children since 1938, ChildFund International works in 31 countries and helps more than 15.2 million children and family members worldwide, regardless of race, creed or origin. ChildFund International is a member of the ChildFund Alliance. It has earned 4 stars from Charity Navigator.