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The ChildFund Approach

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We work to reduce the roots of child poverty by:

  • Giving a voice to deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and youth in need. Children in poverty have long been overlooked as solution sources. We tap into their lives and their longings to uncover truths that make a difference between barely existing and truly prospering.

  • Implementing child development, protection and emergency assistance programs through local communities. No other child development agency has such a recognized history of establishing lasting relationships with local community leaders and people in power who can affect change. ChildFund began in 1938 as China’s Children Fund, an emergency relief organization for those displaced by conflict. From these origins, the value of trusted on-the-ground networks became our guiding principle.

  • Making a 12- to 15-year commitment to children in communities served. There is no short-term solution to long-term problems.   Deprived, excluded and vulnerable children need consistent, compassionate care from birth to adulthood. Only then can they become parents and leaders who will bring positive and lasting change to their communities.

Our distinctive approach focuses on working with children throughout their journey from birth to young adulthood, as well as with families, local organizations and communities globally to create the environments children need to thrive.

We know a healthy beginnings for infants means future promise, so we promote programs that offer:

  • Good nutrition and care during the prenatal period and early years
  • Protection against potentially life-threatening childhood illnesses
  • Opportunities to develop and learn through play and exploration
  • Stronger relations with the adults who care for them

We support children as they grow and develop, so we promote programs that offer:

  • Knowledge and life skills in school, at home and in the community
  • Foundations to build lifelong learning and confidence for today and hope for the future
  • Interaction with other children, family and community members to develop social skills

We assist youth with the critical transition to adulthood, so we promote programs that offer:

  • Training to acquire the skills needed to enter the workforce and meet challenges to grow into adults
  • Skills to help understand and express emotions in ways that foster safe and fulfilling relationships
  • Enhanced social and leadership skills to become meaningfully involved for the betterment of their communities

To learn more about how ChildFund works and its strategies to produce positive outcomes and lasting change for the world's vulnerable children, click on our Strategy 2010-2015 brochure.