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Sponsors, donors and alumni are the lifeblood of ChildFund International. They directly impact our work around the world and in the communities of each child and family we serve. Understandably, ChildFund children are so grateful to have supporters who care about them and are invovled in their progress, but just as appreciative are the supporters themselves who are enriched by their ChildFund experience.

Here are a few of their stories.

Sponsor Stories

Coming Full Circle

Countdown to Sponsorship

Meeting Hellen on Child Sponsorship Day

Going to Great Heights: A Sponsor Returs to Kenya

Rose’s Story: Reuniting with Her ‘Heart’ Son

Donor Stories

A Bigger World: Youth Effort Brings Web Access

Soldier’s Memory Lives on with Well That Benefits Hundreds in Afghan Village

Youth Tell Stories Through a Camera’s Lens

High School Keeps Dream Alive for Ugandan Youth

Alumni Stories

Keeping It Going

A Brighter Future for Almaz

ChildFund Sponsorship Electrifies Engineering Grad’s Life

After ChildFund: Who I Am Now

ChildFund Sponsorships Are Making Lasting Changes 


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