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Togo, a small country on Africa’s west coast, has a history of human rights abuse and political unrest. Once a top producer in the world’s phosphate and cotton industries, Togo is struggling to rebuild after years of political violence.

ChildFund has served children in Togo since 1984.

Building Health

A healthy start provides a strong foundation for children. ChildFund works to ensure that children receive medical check-ups, and we teach parents about their responsibilities around their children’s health, including recognizing signs of illness and when to bring them to a health clinic. Families are encouraged to use the national vaccination program to help eradicate preventable childhood diseases, including measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and polio. We also help outfit health clinics.

Learning for Life

ChildFund works to increase children’s access to education — and to better-quality education. We build schools, kindergartens and libraries and provide equipment such as furniture, maps, dictionaries, geometric sets and teachers’ books.

We’re teaching the youth how to earn a living through helping them develop special skills in mechanics, carpentry, hair dressing and sewing. We also help teachers through finance workshops.

Communities for Children

We help raise awareness about children’s issues, including child protection and child rights, through community activities that involve community leaders, parents, teachers and the children.

In many communities, we assist youth in organizing youth clubs, which provide them with activities and interaction of other various youth.


We work with farmers to train them in agricultural and breeding techniques. We also provide loans to help with production costs, in order to give the economy a boost that will lead to food security for entire communities.


ChildFund International has earned high ratings from Charity Navigator, the American Institute of Philanthropy and Charities Review Council.

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