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U.S. Foreign Aid Makes a Difference Worldwide

Image of Senegalese mother and child
In Senegal, a USAID grant is promoting health care for mothers and children.

Dozens of countries in the developing world depend on foreign aid from prosperous nations such as the United States. Without this vital source of funding, many needs would go unmet, including infrastructure investment programs, health-care and disease prevention initiatives and other vital work to help break the cycle of poverty. As important as foreign aid programs are to developing nations, U.S. foreign aid accounts for approximately 1 percent of the total federal budget, according to This is why contributions from supporters like you are so crucial to the work that ChildFund does around the world.

Making Every Penny Count

Although foreign aid accounts for only a small portion of the federal budget, the U.S. government works closely with child development agencies and non-governmental organizations like ChildFund to provide much-needed relief to children in need around the world. ChildFund is currently the lead implementing partner for a large-scale community health grant in Senegal.

Many countries in the developing world depend on foreign aid from nations such as the United States

Even people of different political persuasions agree that foreign aid serves an important purpose by saving millions of lives and improving the lives of many more. Former Democratic senator Blanche Lincoln and former Republican governor Mike Huckabee, who both represented Arkansas, co-wrote a guest editorial column for Politico last year noting the importance of foreign aid in providing vaccinations for millions of children, stopping the spread of preventable diseases like pneumonia and malaria.

In addition to disease-prevention initiatives focusing on malaria, foreign aid increases overseen by former President George W. Bush and now President Barack Obama have meant that more than 8 million people around the world now have access to lifesaving HIV and AIDS medications, up from just 300,000 people 10 years ago.

A Constant Need

Foreign aid saves countless lives around the world. However, there is much work still to be done. Millions of children still face extreme hardships caused by poverty, including diseases resulting from poor sanitation, starvation caused by severe drought, and the continued threat of child trafficking. Without your generous support, ChildFund could not continue to fight child poverty in developing nations around the world.

In today's uncertain financial climate, there has been much debate about the future of foreign aid in light of continued economic instability in the United States. And if there are cuts, many lives would be affected negatively. This is where you can step in, either by sponsoring a child or by donating to our Children's Greatest Needs program.

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