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Bordered by the South China Sea and the countries of China, Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam is the world’s 15th-most-densely populated country. The economy of Vietnam is continually growing, with visibly increased and improved infrastructure. However, issues of inequality and poverty continue to challenge the country. Access to adequate water and sanitation, health services and education in Vietnam remains a major issue. Ethnic minorities are among the poorest and continue to benefit least from the country’s growth.

ChildFund has served children in Vietnam since 1995. Help make a difference and sponsor a child in Vietnam today.

ChildFund in Vietnam aims to give every child the best possible start in life. We monitor growth of Vietnamese children under 5 and provide mineral supplements and calcium biscuits to the malnourished. Pregnant women also receive supplements and information about maternal health care. Community volunteers and local service providers are trained to provide quality health care. To prevent waterborne diseases, new water treatment facilities, water systems and wells in our communities now provide ready access to safe water and sanitation and are maintained by the communities themselves.

ChildFund has organized training for teachers so they can promote child-friendly, activity-based education in Vietnam. We have constructed preschools and primary schools in Vietnam to provide healthy, fun learning environments for children, equipping these facilities with furniture and outdoor play equipment. Children receive uniforms, warm clothing, shoes, books, and bicycles to help them get to school. We also are raising awareness of the importance of schooling and promoting a greater role for the community in children’s education through kindergarten parent clubs. The Child Rights and Child Protection program is working to strengthen of our local partner organizations and increase children’s agency through child club activities, campaigns and a national children’s forum.

Young adults living in Vietnam received vocational training on construction work, preparing them to better provide financially for themselves and their families as they enter adulthood. For secondary-school students, workshops on adolescent reproductive health help young people make positive choices in their personal relationships, and ChildFund also supports voluntary HIV testing and counseling. Community members of all ages participate in water and sanitation awareness sessions, and through ChildFund-supported village credit funds, youth and families receive loans to finance income-generating activities.

Education in Vietnam has evolved significantly since French colonial rule ended in the mid-20th century, when up to 95 percent of the Vietnamese population was illiterate. In the 1980s, the Doi Moi economic reforms shifted the country toward a more liberal economy, which allowed more funding for education. The education system has made significant strides since then, with 97 percent of elementary-age students having enrolled in school in 2009.

However, extreme poverty in rural regions remains a serious obstacle to the quality of education in Vietnam. Not every child remains in school after enrollment, and teachers in rural areas usually aren’t as well-trained as teachers in urban areas because of lower pay. Furthermore, many families cannot afford the cost of textbooks, uniforms and transportation. Even worse, many children are put to work once they reach a certain age to provide their families with an additional source of income.

Making sure that children have continuous access to education is a vital part of interrupting the cycle of poverty. Although considerable progress has been made in school enrollment in recent years, the nation still has a long way to go in the isolated rural regions. ChildFund aims to improve access to education in Vietnam through the Child Rights and Child Protection program, which emphasizes the importance of education to parents and other caregivers. Our initiative also supports the training of teachers to create high-quality, child-focused learning environments that support children’s academic needs.



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