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During these uncertain times, you can be certain of one thing: your ability to change a child’s life for the better

When you become a sponsor, your ongoing support will provide the things that every child needs to thrive – but not every child’s family can provide. Your gift will fill critical gaps between what a child has and what they need – things like clean water, nutritious food, protection from violence, loving care, a better education and the opportunity to grow into the person they were meant to become. Your friendship and encouragement will help a child living in one of the world’s poorest places to believe in their own potential and inspire them to live it fully, every single day.

Join Mickey Bell in making a lasting difference for a child living in extreme poverty today! Every sponsor that signs up through this landing page will receive a copy of Mickey’s book “Reverse The Course Of Depression”. Just send an email with your sponsorship confirmation number to sponsor@childfund.org and we will ship you your free gift!