Join Scott Stapp and change a child's life.


"You know sponsorship is so important. For just about $1 a day you can make such a dynamic impact on a child and a family’s life through the work that ChildFund is doing here in Ecuador specifically, in these local communities, and all over the world…. When a child is sick, when someone’s been abused, when someone is in dire need of medicine, or whatever they need, your sponsorship dollars go to teaching these communities how to survive in their situation and how to self-govern so that they don’t become a people of dependency, but a people of independence, pride and self-sufficiency and know how to thrive in their environment. And that was a beautiful thing to see and understand.” Scott Stapp while in Ecuador

As a special thank you for sponsoring a child from this landing page, Scott wants to send you an autographed “The Space Between The Shadows” CD along with an exclusive vintage Creed tour t-shirt! Just send an email to with your name, your sponsorship confirmation number, and your shirt size (XL, L, or M shirts are available).