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Right now, almost 400 million children worldwide are living in extreme poverty – the kind of poverty that deprives them of basic rights and resources, excludes them from opportunity and leaves them vulnerable to harm. As a global community of people who care about kids, we work to change the underlying conditions that create poverty, helping young people grow up safe and healthy, the way they deserve.

Our Results

  • 24 program countries
  • Over 300 local partner organizations
  • 11.4 million lives changed over the past year
  • 80+ years of service

Why Sponsorship?

When you become a sponsor, you’re doing more than supporting a child’s well-being – you’re connecting with that child, their family and community and changing their lives through your generosity. Since our beginnings in 1938, our approach has evolved to focus on strengthening the families and communities that make up a child’s environment. The individual sponsor-to-child relationship supports this work by pooling sponsorship funds together to improve life in the communities where sponsored children live. Support from sponsors allows us to build relationships with local partner organizations, so communities can develop sustainable, long-term solutions to the issues they face.