A lifetime of good health
begins in childhood.

At the most basic level, children’s well-being depends on their health. But families facing challenges like extreme poverty – especially those without transportation in remote communities, where the nearest hospital or clinic can be many miles away – often lack access to health care. Families may struggle to provide nutritious food for their children or find water that’s safe to drink. And the stress of day-to-day survival may leave little time for children and families to tend to attend to their physical, mental and emotional health.

Millions of children in the world are vulnerable to malnutrition, infection and disease, as well as mental health struggles that can hinder their healthy development. The good news? Most of these health challenges are preventable and treatable. ChildFund works to connect children to the things they need to stay healthy at every stage of their lives, from conception to adulthood.

How Poverty Affects Health


Supporting Healthy Beginnings

How does ChildFund support children's health?

When you give to ChildFund, you’re supporting programs that …

  • Connect children and families to essential health care services, including routine community-based health services, emergency health services and more.
  • Ensure children’s access to the basic building blocks of health, like nutritious food, clean water and knowledge of good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Foster children’s mental health by protecting them from violence, immersing them in positive social experiences and providing safe spaces where they can express themselves creatively.
  • Provide access to lifesaving medicines and preventive tools like mosquito nets, which help prevent mosquito-borne diseases like malaria.
  • Fight the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 crisis on children’s physical and mental health.

Together, we can help more children enjoy good health.

Learn more about how your support keeps kids growing up strong.

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