Help Children Facing Hunger in the Horn of Africa


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Children need your help to survive a record-breaking drought.

In some parts of eastern Africa, there hasn’t been a drop of rain since October 2020, leaving local water sources completely dry and regular meals difficult to come by. More than 1.8 million children across Kenya and Ethiopia now require urgent treatment for life-threatening malnutrition. Our partners in the area are reporting that some children are even eating dirt and roots to stave off hunger pangs.

The drought is already historic in length and severity, and forecasts predict that it will worsen with time. Kids are missing school to search for water and food, and as resources become more and more scarce, children face an increasing risk of hunger and disease.

We’re on the ground working to help children survive this emergency, but we need your help.

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Your support will help us deliver …

  • Rations of nutritious food, safe drinking water and water purifying kits so that children can continue to grow healthy and strong.
  • Emergency feeding programs in schools and health care facilities that ensure kids are getting at least one meal a day.
  • The construction of wells that supply regular access to clean drinking water for entire communities.
  • Access to basic hygiene supplies and medical care that can prevent, identify and treat illnesses, including those associated with malnutrition and waterborne disease.
  • Emergency cash transfers so the families in greatest need can purchase the essentials of survival for their children.

Your gift today allows us to deliver lifesaving provisions like these when and where children need it most.


Iftu, 11, prepares the little maize that is left at her home in Fentale District, Ethiopia.

The Impact of Your Donations

Because of generous support from people like you, since the drought began in 2020 we have …

  • Distributed emergency food rations like rice, beans, maize and milk to more than 6,200 people across Kenya and Ethiopia.
  • Trucked more than 72,000 liters of clean water to schools and communities in Kenya.
  • Built a well in Kenya that now provides 400 households with clean, safe drinking water.
  • Enrolled 1,784 families in our cash transfer program to ensure they can meet their children’s basic needs until the situation improves.


Children in Samburu County, Kenya, wash their hands at a well installed by ChildFund as part of our emergency drought response.

Any amount you can give will help, and every dollar can truly be a lifeline for kids facing hunger in Kenya and Ethiopia. Thank you for your generous support!

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