Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?



Certainly! Children love to receive special gifts, and you can always enclose small, flat items with your cards and letters. Paper dolls, stickers, coloring or puzzle pages, and picture postcards make wonderful gifts. Due to high customs duties and the likelihood of loss, we ask you not to send packages.

You can also recognize birthdays, holidays or other special occasions and accomplishments in your child's life with a special monetary gift, which is not done within your direct correspondence with your child but through ChildFund, to ensure your child receives it safely.

There are three ways to send a gift to your sponsored child:

  • Through your online sponsorship account
  • By including it with your sponsorship donations ― just add your gift on the Sponsorship Reply form attached to your statement
  • By calling us at 1-800-776-6767 ― our representatives will be happy to help.

Ideally gifts for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays are sent at least two months in advance, so there is enough time for processing and delivery to ensure your sponsored child receives your gift in time for his or her special day. The best amounts are between $20 and $50.

Please know that your child will receive 100% of the money that you send. We would love for you to include a $3.50 handling fee to help cover delivery, processing, added security and foreign currency fees.

Monetary gifts are distributed once a month to ChildFund's national offices. Our local staff will ensure your gift is delivered to your sponsored child's family in local currency. All gifts will be acknowledged and confirmed with the amount your sponsored child received.