Children’s creativity is their superpower

Few things on earth are mightier than a child’s creativity. From drawing a picture or drawing up a road map to their dreams, a kid’s imagination is limitless when nurtured and encouraged. It can help them escape the stresses of daily life or find resourceful solutions to some of their biggest challenges. It can even help them navigate a path out of poverty.

Art activities and other creative exercises are a cornerstone of ChildFund’s programming for children around the world, helping kids imagine a better future for themselves. For $13 a month, you can support programs that help children become the architects of their own lives by teaching them to draw not just for fun, but for hope.

And, for every month you donate $13, we will add your name to a weekly cash prize drawing for $500! We will also provide $10 for 20 additional winners each week. Donate now and give a child the priceless gift of support for their creativity.

The luck of the draw – and the power of creative expression

It’s true: The children we serve didn’t get the easiest hand in life. They are faced with very real, often frightening challenges that can make even ordinary childhood experiences hard to come by, like having enough to eat, going to the doctor or just feeling safe in their communities.

ChildFund’s programs focus on helping children access the things they critically need to survive and thrive: nutritious food, clean water, education, protection from violence and so much more. Worldwide, we also connect kids to opportunities to express their creativity, which helps them build self-confidence and resilience to the challenges of poverty. When children express themselves through art, stories, drama or simply building deeper connections with their families, communities and other children, they undergo an important process of externalizing their internal world. This is excellent practice for transforming the future they want for themselves into reality.

How does ChildFund empower kids’ creativity and nurture hope?

  • We support children’s basic needs like food, clean water and health care so they can be free to focus on the real work of childhood: playing, learning and creating.
  • Worldwide, we facilitate individual and group art, literature and music activities that help children communicate their feelings and explore their own unique personalities.
  • We create children’s clubs that give kids the opportunity to grow in self-confidence together and empower them to raise their voices on issues that matter to them.
  • During emergencies, our Child-Centered Spaces provides kids with therapeutic creative activities to facilitate emotional recovery.

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